Myths About Studying Statistics and Why Is It Hard?

There are a lot of myths that surround statistics that one should know. But there is that one myth that makes researchers frustrated. This frustration comes when they are applying statistics in their research. Let me give you a short story. There was this man who wanted to build a house. So he decides to take a short course on building 101. He passes it with a B. So he builds a small house for his dog, and it works out for him.

Then comes a time when he wants to build a house for himself. He says, “I think I should take an advanced course.” So he does so and takes the course. He still passes it.

So time for building the house comes. He has planned everything. And he begins the work. He swings his first hammer to a nail, and it feels good. But the problems come when the house he is building is on a hill. Whatever he studied did not include anything concerning building a house on a hill. So he is supposed to make some angles. But he does not know how to use the tools. He is so confused that he has so many decisions to make.

He ends up not meeting the deadline for finishing his house, and they take the lease away from him.

This man trying to build this house is like a fool. No one builds a house from nowhere, even after taking a course. You see, building a house requires one to know how to build the walls. It requires the knowledge of how you are going to use the tools. It also needs you to have practical skills to use the techniques you have learned.

This project is silly. But most time, we find out that we have issues with statistical planning and where statistics is considered, just after taking some classes. The thing is, don’t stress yourself out.

The myths

“When you know statistics, it is the main thing that you need to apply statistics.”

Ok, this myth is not true. Yes, knowledge is essential, but the problem comes when it is not sufficient. Most of the time, statistics are difficult for most students because they teach them not in the context. A lot of people do not study statistics. Not until they begin doing it in their research. It seems to be an issue in schools. First, you need the knowledge to understand how to apply statistics fully.

An example is if you want to learn how to build a house, you need to build one. This theory also applies to statistics. If you need to start applying statistics, then you need to analyze some data.

You see, both builders and statisticians have to have at least to do what they do. It will help them to achieve the knowledge and skills that they need. You see, they will make many mistakes, but at least they will gain some experience and have a happy ending.

You see, carpenters and builders also need to sit next to their seniors to learn the art of building, unlike statisticians. I have not had a case where senior statisticians mentor the uprising statisticians to be good in what they do.

There are those advisors who tell their students which class they can take. Those are lucky to have such people in their lives. If you are studying statistics, most lecturers give you homework. So you can have homework support to learn how to apply the things you are learning in class in real life. You should seek online statistics help if you don’t have time for the work.

One cannot learn statistics in one day. Learning statistics takes time. That’s why good statisticians still make mistakes. They do this not because they do not know or because they are not that Wise, but statistics is a wide area to cover.

“Acquiring the knowledge in the background is one important part of mastering the Craft.”

There are many other myths. But when you believe you will do it. Try to to practice frequently, as often as you can.


When you think about you need practical knowledge to be perfect in art. Ask yourself, how many skills have you acquired just by receiving background knowledge?

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