What are the Uses of a Sociology Degree?

Do you want to pursue sociology? Are you wondering what will happen to you after you attain your sociology degree? Then this is the article for you. I have done in-depth research to bring you this article which focuses on the benefits of a majoring in sociology. So if you have a sociology degree or you want to attain one. Then this is an article you should not miss out on.

Job options

Jobs that relate directly to sociology include:

  1. Community development worker
  2. Advice worker
  3. Housing manager
  4. Policy officer
  5. University lecturer
  6. Marketing executive
  7. Secondary school teacher
  8. Police officer
  9. Youth worker
  10. Social researcher

Other jobs that sociology plays a part in include:

  1. Civil service admin
  2. Charity officer
  3. Family support worker
  4. Life coach
  5. Probation officer
  6. Social worker
  7. Public relation officer
  8. Newspaper journalist
  9. International aid worker
  10. Special educational needs coordinator

Remember that sociology can apply in so many fields, so do not restrict yourself to the jobs provided in this article.

Work experience

Look for a job in companies that will help you boost your experience in the area of your interest. You can work as a volunteer or while being paid, either way, the experience you gain will help you score jobs in the future.

If you want to work in schools, you can start by volunteering to work for a local school. Once you have attained some experience you can then try looking for a paying job.

For those who want to work in the law department, you can begin your journey as an intern. Research the firm you are going to undertake your internship in before you apply. Law-related jobs are very competitive, so an internship in an unstable firm will do you no good.

Typical employers

Here are more employment opportunities throughout the private and public sector:

  1. Law firms
  2. Medical companies
  3. Charitable, voluntary organization and counseling
  4. Probation and police services
  5. Media companies
  6. The local and central government
  7. The NHS
  8. PR and marketing firms
  9. Schools, universities, and colleges
  10. Marketing and social research organizations

Sociology is very diverse, it, therefore, offers a lot of job opportunities. All you need to do is find the one that suits you, then specialize in it.

CV highlights

Many employers will be looking for specific skills during their interviews. Skills such as interpersonal, communication, analytical skills, and problem-solving skills. All these skills are taught in sociology, so all you have to do is use them appropriately in your CV. Here are tips to help you out.

  • Make sure you reason your arguments
  • Bring out your teamwork skill by providing a project
  • Evaluate, research, and judge complex information
  • Apply different methods to perform your research

Further study

You might decide to attain a Master’s. Which would help you specialize in the area of this course that you may find interesting. Such areas include political sociology, social research, or social policy. You can then later attain a Ph.D.

Other courses that one might decide to study include:

  • Counseling
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • Social works

Having studied sociology and any of the above courses, then a well-paying job is guaranteed.


Sociology is very vast, it, therefore, offers a lot of opportunities to students. From those who want to work in the social welfare department to those who want to work in law firms. All you have to do is find the job that suits you, apply the tips provided in this article, and you are good to go.

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